Why You Should Choose Us

Quality VS. Quantity

Cumberland Valley Cleaning does not rush from one job to the next. We take our time to get the job done right.

We Are Truly Local

We answer to you, not a master franchise director from out of state. Why it is true that a franchise owner may have their office local, they often have little control on the decision making process.


We often beat the national company's and franchises on price. Don't forget about the value of a quality clean as opposed to wasting money for poor cleaning with little results.

Safety And Comfort

Any cleaning technician entering into your business or home will have a completed background check. We are friendly and respect your business and home.

How is Your cleaning company doing ?

Do you see new cleaners regularly ?

Is the work done sloppy and fast ?

Is their a lack of communication ?

Frustrated with the current company ?

We can help you change all the negatives into positives. Just give us a call to come out to your business.

We succeed when others fail

The growth of Cumberland Valley Cleaning is in large part due to the fact that others company's performed poorly in the quality of work they provided. We care about the customer and the quality of work.